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Kids Still Throwing Rocks From Train Trestle In Queens

“You’re sitting outside and all of the sudden rocks are coming down on you,” said local resident Jennie Conti.

“If this hits you on the head,” she said, holding a rock the size of a fist, “you’re a goner.”

- posted by matt @ 7/02/2003 02:05:00 PM

Gothamist: Canal Street Shutdown

"Canal Street has been shut down because of a suspicious package at the 1/9 station"

- posted by matt @ 7/02/2003 01:57:00 PM

The New York City Council is out of control.

Rather than trying to address crime (even if it is declining, as they claim), they are trying to:

* Ban Motorcycle Wheelies and other Cool Stuff -- "'Exhibitionist behavior' means operating a motorcycle with only one wheel in contact with the ground, increasing the speed of the motor of a motorcycle whether or not the motorcycle is in motion and thereby creating an unreasonable noise, or participating in a speed contest, race or display of excessive speed."


* Ban Those Long Dog Leashes -- "unless the dog is effectively restrained by a leash or chain not more than six feet long"

Next week? No more leaning over to see if the train is coming.

- posted by matt @ 7/02/2003 12:54:00 AM

Homeless Man Finds Body Parts in Suitcase

"The man was looking through garbage piled up in front of 101 Division St. about 2 a.m. when he found the suitcase, which contained a torso, a hand and other body parts, police said."

How many people do you think walked by the suitcase without thinking about its contents.

- posted by matt @ 7/02/2003 12:20:00 AM

Officials Say City's Well Prepared for Terrorism

"While conceding that no security plan is completely foolproof, city officials say they believe New York City is well prepared to deal with terrorism."

The story goes on to list a number of different things the city is doing to make itself ready for another attack. Of course, none of them (in my uneducated opinion) would've prevented the last one, but what'cha gonna do?
- posted by matt @ 7/02/2003 12:17:00 AM

Feet on the Street in Action

So as I mentioned before (I think I may have fixed my permalinks - let me know if that doesn't work) some are calling for more police officers actually walking their beats, rather than driving around in cars. Well, I saw a cop on foot just now and he actually prevented something. Get this.

I was outside and I saw a cop walking down the street looking for trouble (in a good way). A citizen had to go to the bathroom. Citizen, not knowing the cop was across the street, decided to take full advantage of a fence near my apartment. Cop crosses the street. Citizen zips up before commencing.

“You taking a leak?” Officer Joe (I’ll call him) said.

“I was thinking about it,” the citizen said.

“You should think twice,” O.J. said.

The citizen thanked the officer and moved on.

I said to Officer Joe, “see, people don’t count on cops walking around the streets anymore.”

“I wish I was two seconds later. I could’ve given him a summons,” he said. “I caught him with his zipper down, hands down his pants. Then he tries to bulllshit with me.”

There is less urine on my street tonight thanks to Officer Joe.

- posted by matt @ 6/30/2003 10:15:00 PM

15-year-old Island girl missing - At Sex Party

"A 15-year-old girl reported missing from her Mariners Harbor home on Friday may be at a sex party advertised on a raunchy Web site, according to a published report."

Define "raunchy."

"That Web site publicizes sex parties and shows women wearing very little clothing. One of the women pictured on the site has a snake wrapped around her, the Post reported."

Oh, ok. Yeah, raunchy.
- posted by matt @ 6/30/2003 06:23:00 PM

Good Samaritan returns missing diamond

"But luckily for Mrs. Reis, an unknown good Samaritan returned the earring to Macy's lost-and-found desk, a day after it was lost."

- posted by matt @ 6/30/2003 06:18:00 PM

FDNY Firefighters Dodge Bullets During Queens Fire

"Queens firefighters who answered a call of fireworks going off inside a family residence found themselves in the middle of a shooting gallery yesterday, as rounds of ammunition exploded in a blaze that gutted an apartment."

It goes on to say...

"Police discovered nine assault-style weapons, including a Mac-10, AR-15, AK47 and an M-16 Uzi, along with three handcarts of ammo."

But according to his neighbor, "John is a great guy. He was most likely a target shooter."


- posted by matt @ 6/30/2003 05:19:00 PM

Crime Statistics Doubts Adding Up

Just an update from previous posts.

- posted by matt @ 6/30/2003 05:11:00 PM

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