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The Rise of Complex Terrorism -- Foreign Policy Magazine

"In different parts of the state, half a dozen small groups of men and women gather. Each travels in a rented minivan to its prearranged destination—for some, a location outside one of the hundreds of electrical substations dotting the state; for others, a spot upwind from key, high-voltage transmission lines. The groups unload their equipment from the vans. Those outside the substations put together simple mortars made from materials bought at local hardware stores, while those near the transmission lines use helium to inflate weather balloons with long silvery tails. At a precisely coordinated moment, the homemade mortars are fired, sending showers of aluminum chaff over the substations. The balloons are released and drift into the transmission lines."

Can't be, right? We were told at 4:15 pm that it wasn't terrorism. I remember reading this back in the early part of '02. Give it read, think about the "Blackout of 2003." The main point: Sept. 11th was terrible, but was not nearly as bad as it could've been.

- posted by matt @ 8/16/2003 10:17:00 PM

Amy Langfield - On the last car of the Q Train between DeKalb and Atlantic

"4:10 p.m. The subway stops. Air conditioning goes off."

A great account of being on the subway during "The Blackout of 2003." Note how many times they were told it wasn't terrorism. Honestly, how could they know so quickly?

- posted by matt @ 8/16/2003 10:00:00 PM

During blackout, fewer crimes than on a normal NYPD day

"New York police say they responded to fewer calls of bodies found, break-ins and other felonies during the outage than on an average NYPD day."

- posted by matt @ 8/16/2003 05:24:00 PM

Bullet Points on Blackout

Rather than actually taking full advantage of the English language, I'm just going to throw out some quick thoughts on what T-shirts are calling the "Blackout of 2003."

* Who else thought at first it was a pre-cursor to something much worse?

* Who else thought it was related to the Blaster worm going around?

* Who else was concerned about the amount of alcohol being consumed by many New Yorkers?

* Who else considered themselves far luckier than those trapped in subways/elevators?

* Who else thought, "You know, I always say I have a cell phone in case of emergencies, and here I am in an emergency and I can't use the damn thing?"

* Who else had a cop flag down a car to drive them through the midtown tunnel (without really asking him) instead of walking all the way up to the Queensboro Bridge, saving mucho time?

* Who else spent time looking up at the stars (!) in the New York sky?

* Who else happened to have Escape from New York waiting for them at home from Netflix?

- posted by matt @ 8/15/2003 11:33:00 PM

Gothamist - Blackout of 2003

As I often do, I'm going to yield to Gothamist's coverage of a major New York City event. Great wrap up of photos and coverage of the blackout.

- posted by matt @ 8/15/2003 11:23:00 PM

Homeland Security Advisory System

Am I wrong to feel an Orange coming on? I just have that feeling. Not the feeling of being afraid of something happening (which goes back to my theory behind ScaryNY -- people aren't afraid of terror stuff, they're afraid of getting mugged, falling in front of a train, etc.). More the feeling that it's about that time. A few stories here and there start to build. You hear words like "credible." And than wham... Orange. Then you don't hear about anything else. Orange, orange, orange. All the while, other stuff is still going on, not that you hear about it. We'll see.

- posted by matt @ 8/14/2003 12:02:00 AM

Jet Fuel Farm Goes Unguarded

"Thirty million gallons of jet fuel sit unprotected at a fuel farm in Queens. Until recently, Port Authority Police patrolled the area. But now according to documents obtained by Eyewitness News those security posts have been eliminated."

What would one do with 30 million gallons of jet fuel? I really don't think this is as dangerous as WABC is trying to make it.

- posted by matt @ 8/13/2003 11:52:00 PM

N.Y. Times Reporter Held Near Airport

"A New York Times reporter and photographer who were following up on a story about lost boaters at Kennedy International Airport were themselves picked up by police near the airport Wednesday."

I used to (indirectly) work with the reporter, Corey Kilgannon. He was a freelancer at the local weekly paper The Resident while I was an intern. He basically wrote every word they ran.

"Police released Romero, but held Kilgannon after finding an outstanding warrant charging him with riding a bicycle on a sidewalk in 2002. Kilgannon was taken to Manhattan criminal court for an appearance on that matter."

Thank god we got him off the streets. Er, sidewalks. Whatever.

- posted by matt @ 8/13/2003 11:46:00 PM

NY Daily News City briefs

Cop accidentally shoots himself. Another intentionally shoots herself. Teenager burns parakeet with blowtorch and a city police officer charged with raping his girlfriend.

- posted by matt @ 8/13/2003 02:15:00 PM

Man injured after falling onto subway tracks

"A man who told police he was pushed into the path of a Manhattan subway train Wednesday was in critical but stable condition with a broken leg."

This has been the summer of train incidents like this. I think this is 4th or 5th time something (sort of) like this has happened.

- posted by matt @ 8/13/2003 02:10:00 PM

7 hurt in FDNY, NYPD collision

"A fire engine and a police truck rushing to separate emergencies collided in Queens yesterday, injuring five firefighters and two cops, police and fire officials said."

- posted by matt @ 8/13/2003 02:04:00 PM

Three on Fishing Trip Accidently Breach JFK Security

"Three people are behind a stunning security breach at Kennedy Airport. Eyewitness News has learned they started on a raft and ended up walking along a runway. Police questioned them about what they were doing. But the bigger question is how did they go unnoticed."

For some reason, Gil Garcetti (the D.A. of Los Angeles during that whole O.J. thing) is quoted in this story. I figure they probably tried calling me or the guy that sells me muffins every morning, but they couldn't get through. Gil was next on the list.

- posted by matt @ 8/12/2003 05:11:00 PM

After nearly 17 years, Wyley Gates goes free

"Wyley has shown no remorse right up to today," he said. "Let New York City put up with him," Brahm said.

(people are still coming to ScaryNY looking for Gates info, so I'll add stuff when I see it.)

- posted by matt @ 8/12/2003 02:43:00 PM

New York City Police Department Excited to Have Web Site

There is no reason for this page. None. But it sure is cool to look at! Check out the 5-0 5.0. Rockin'.

- posted by matt @ 8/12/2003 12:25:00 AM

Rikers Officer Killed by Tree Branch

"A correction officer driving to Rikers Island was killed yesterday when a tree branch fell on his car and crushed him, police said."

This is the third of fourth time I've heard of a tree branch killing someone in New York this summer. Seriously, word of caution: it's better to get wet than die. Don't seek cover under a tree (not that this guy did, but still).

- posted by matt @ 8/12/2003 12:14:00 AM

Ferries: Targets for Terror?

"Large passenger ferries pose the greatest terrorist risk in maritime transportation, because they confine several thousand people in one space far from land and have little or no passenger screening."

People seem really surprised by this. They call it an eye-opener. After all the warnings we've heard over the last two years (almost), how is this a surprise? We've been told that just about everything is at risk of something. Just last week "they" told us to be on the lookout for umbrellas of death (you know, the ones with the pullout knife blade). This is not surprising. What surprises me is that this story did have a quote in there of someone saying, "Hey, what'cha gonna do? If something happens, something happens. Nothing you can do about it." That seems to be the prevailing attitude in these parts these days.

- posted by matt @ 8/12/2003 12:10:00 AM

Gates released from state prison

"Wyley Gates was released from prison Monday 16 years after his conviction as a teenager on charges related to the deaths of his father, his brother and two others."

Because people are still looking for info on Gates... man who killed his family 17 years ago is on his way to New York City right now. I kind of wonder exactly where he's moving to.

- posted by matt @ 8/11/2003 06:03:00 PM

Mar-chell Williams Prevents Pick Pocketing

"'SEABISCUIT' co-star Ed Lauter's girlfriend can kick your butt. Lauter, who just arrived in New York last week from Spain where he was filming 'Art Heist,' and galpal Mar-chell Williams were sightseeing when two men tried to pickpocket Lauter..."

What is this, Gawker? I feel dirty linking to Page Six.

- posted by matt @ 8/11/2003 10:01:00 AM

Would-be burglar dies in air shaft

"A would-be burglar took a one-way trip down the air-conditioning vent of a Meiers Corners bagel store and apparently suffocated after getting stuck in the narrow rooftop opening, police said yesterday."

Crime doesn't pay. This is the second time in two weeks someone has tried going into this store through a vent. The first time it worked. This time it didn't.

- posted by matt @ 8/10/2003 02:37:00 PM

A Macy's in Brooklyn Is Robbed of $37,000 by 2 Masked Men

"Two masked robbers entered the Macy's department store at the Atlantic Center mall in Brooklyn yesterday, assaulted a security guard and made off with $37,000 in cash, the police said."

This has to be an inside job.

- posted by matt @ 8/10/2003 02:15:00 PM

Cops nab 'Hulk' bandit

"Police yesterday arrested a 37-year-old South Beach man they say is the Hulk-masked bandit who robbed a deli in New Dorp and a Burger King in Dongan Hills Thursday morning."

What a jackass. The Hulk is not known for being sneaky.

- posted by matt @ 8/10/2003 02:12:00 PM

Call them NYPD green

"A Police Department program that allows officers to moonlight in uniform - providing security for stores, neighborhood associations and even private citizens - has skyrocketed in popularity."

I've been seeing cops in uniform "protecting" such stores as Sephora and Best Buy. I don't really know how I feel about it. I kind of think it's cheapening the uniform of the NYPD. It creates the impression that goods (books, cosmetics, etc.) are more worthy of protection than people. It's also a little too "police state" for my taste. I don't mind off-duty cops providing security here and there. Just leave the uniform at home.

- posted by matt @ 8/10/2003 01:59:00 PM

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