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City Council wants to prevent UPS and others like them from posting notices that say, "Unable to Deliver Mail" on your door.

"It is hereby declared that the posting of notification of the inability to deliver mail on the front door of a residence creates a public safety risk. Such postings not only notify the homeowner or resident of an attempt to deliver mail, they also notify all passersby of an unoccupied home. Given that homes are more likely to be burglarized when residents are away, these postings can create an easy opportunity for a potential burglar and encourage criminal activity, endangering the health, welfare and safety of the citizens of our City."

Makes sense, I guess.

- posted by matt @ 9/20/2003 09:18:00 PM

Bronx Man Killed 6 Days Out Of Prison

"A Bronx man who was about to become a father was shot dead in his neighborhood — just six days after being released from prison."

- posted by matt @ 9/20/2003 01:33:00 PM

9 Busted in HS "Gang" Beating

"A gang of nine teens were busted at a Queens high school yesterday after a melee in which one student was pummeled with a cue ball wrapped in a sock, authorities said."

Remember Homey the Clown? He used to have one of those sock things.

- posted by matt @ 9/20/2003 01:29:00 PM

News Woman in Van Horror

"A New York 1 reporter suffered multiple skull fractures in a freak accident yesterday when the mirror of a passing van hit her as she was covering a news story in Harlem."

- posted by matt @ 9/20/2003 01:24:00 PM

Live Fight in Union Squre

I'm watching a fight (kind of) between one drunk guy and two other drunk guys live, as I type from Union Square. I love New York. I don't really know what's going on, but here's what I've caught so far.

"You're going to prison, cock sucker." "You're father is a drunken sailor." "Your mother is a homo."

One guy threw what can only be described as an ice cream beverage in the lone guy's face. Now some yuppie is getting involved. Don't know what he said, but he sort of jogged away. The two guys just left, saying "I hope every mother fucker here heard what you said!" This mother fucker did not. Sorry.

The lone guy is now picking frozen dairy drink out of his beard and screaming to anyone who will listen (me.) He just put his shirt back on, left a large pile of crap on the bench and left. Now I know how that sort of stuff ends up by itself on benches.

Update: Sorry. I was wrong. He didn't put his shirt on. He just put a winter jacket on, sans shirt. He's still gone, but some other scary guy just same along, sized up the T-shirt the way you would at Old Navy or something (put it up against his chest and estimated the size) and I guess decided it wouldn't fit. He left it on the bench and walked away. I could do this all day.

- posted by matt @ 9/19/2003 06:23:00 PM

MTA NYC Transit - Rules of Conduct

"Rules governing the conduct and safety of the public in the use of the facilities of the New York City Transit Authority and Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority"

This is just a fun read. I've learned a lot already. Examples:

You can't be drunk or high in the Subway: "No person on or in any facility or conveyance shall:...Enter or remain in any facility or conveyance while his or her ability to function safely in the environment of an Authority transit system is impaired by the consumption of alcohol or by the taking of any drugs."

You can't: "Occupy more than one seat on a station, platform or conveyance; lie on the floor, platform, stairway, landing or conveyance; or block free movement on a station, stairway, platform or conveyance" (I knew this one).

You can carry an unloaded shotgun on a train: "Subject to other provisions of the law, this section shall not apply to a rifle or shotgun which is unloaded and carried in an enclosed case, box or other container which completely conceals the item from view and identification as a weapon."

You can't park your car in the middle of the 42nd Street Station, unless someone says it's ok: "No vehicle, except as specifically authorized, may be parked on Authority property."

You can't: "Carry on or bring to any facility or 'conveyance any item that': Is so long as to extend outside the window or door of a subway car, bus or other conveyance;"

The President of the MTA can deputize people. Where do I sign up? "Persons authorized to issue notices of violation: ...or other person(s) designated by the president of the Authority shall be empowered to issue a notice of violation for violation of any of these rules."

- posted by matt @ 9/19/2003 03:01:00 PM

Knife Fight in Nightclub Lands Six in Hospitals

"Six men were stabbed during a melee in the popular midtown nightclub Le Bar Bat early yesterday."

I went to college right around Le Bar Bat. I'd walk by it all the time and just chuckle. The place and people look ridiculous -- something straight out of 1983, without trying. "One day I'll go there," I'd laugh. "One day." Well, I did a few months ago when a friend's band played. The place didn't live up to my expectations. Now people get stabbed there. I don't think I'll be attending any of their WBLS "After Work Mix and Mingle" events.

- posted by matt @ 9/18/2003 04:38:00 PM

Runaway Flushing Girl Feared 9-11 Terrorism, Mom Said

"A relieved Flushing mother said on Monday that her teenage daughter, who was found last Thursday in New Jersey after five days, ran away from home because of fears relating to September 11th."

The strangest thing about this is the girl was caught by WNBC 4 TV cameras helping these people. Small world.

- posted by matt @ 9/18/2003 04:20:00 PM

Death in Stormy Marriage Results in No Charges Filed

"For three and a half years, Mrs. Silecchia said, the couple lived on opposite sides of a cramped studio apartment in Far Rockaway, Queens, with drapes hung from the ceiling so that they would never have to see or talk to each other."

War of the Roses. Great movie. Anyway, nutty story here. It even includes the line: "He was a two-faced Nazi nut." There you have it.

- posted by matt @ 9/17/2003 03:52:00 PM

Scooters, Long a Nuisance, Draw Anger as a Safety Risk

The man in the Brooklyn accident, Stanislav Lazarovsky, 24, lay near death last night at Lutheran Medical Center after his gas-powered scooter collided with a van in Sunset Park shortly after midnight.

Mr. Lazarovsky had been traveling the wrong way on 55th Street near Eighth Avenue, the police said. Doctors told his relatives that he had a small chance of surviving and would suffer from severe brain damage if he lived.

- posted by matt @ 9/17/2003 03:29:00 PM

A Fatal Trip Home

I missed this sad story the first time around. A 90-year-old man named Louis Caprio Sr. was killed when a pickpocket tried to steal his wallet on a Port Authority escalator. Caprio turned around in time to prevent his wallet from getting stolen, but the pickpocket apparently pushed him down the escalator. They don't have anyone in custody, but the case was classified a homicide yesterday.

- posted by matt @ 9/17/2003 03:25:00 PM

Central Park Fireworks Scare Some Neighbors

"Dozens of people called the police last night after hearing the loud booms of a fireworks display in Central Park."

And here it is. Your obligatory "New Yorkers are still scared that everything is terrorism, so we shouldn't have stuff like this anymore" quote:

Patricia Houlihan, of West 68th Street: "Now that we're in such terrible times, they really shouldn't have fireworks like that."

Isn't it more scary that these people didn't know this Ring of Fire thing was happening? They didn't pick up a newspaper, turn on a tv, listen to the radio, see it online, hear it from a friend (or doorman in that neighborhood) beforehand? Do they live under a rock?

- posted by matt @ 9/16/2003 01:40:00 PM

The Observer - Crime Blotter

Scroll to August 7:

"George Henshaw, FCLC's associate director of security, observed three men, not associated with the University, loitering in the alleyway between McMahon and the athletic courts. Drug use was suspected after one man reportedly inserted a syringe into his left arm."

Yeah, drug use is probably a safe bet. Not a lot of insulin injections going on in alleys. And yeah, I'm just happy to link to my college's newspaper.

- posted by matt @ 9/15/2003 08:58:00 PM

Officer, Horse Hurt in LIE Accident

"A police horse considered to be one of the best in the Mounted Unit was injured Saturday night when a car cut off a police sport utility vehicle hauling a trailer, causing both to flip on the Long Island Expressway in Queens, police said."

Don't worry. The horse is in stable condition, um, in his stable.

- posted by matt @ 9/15/2003 08:45:00 PM

Hurricane Evacuation

I linked to this a few months ago, sort of as a joke. I guess it might come in handy now.

"To find out whether your address falls within one of New York City's hurricane evacuation zones, enter your address location and click on the 'Find Location' button."

- posted by matt @ 9/15/2003 11:01:00 AM

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