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NY police's inefficiency keeps Musharraf from meeting Putin

Pakistan is pissed at us.

"Musharraf blamed the New York Police for failing to provide passage for his motorcade for earlier planned meeting with Putin."

- posted by matt @ 9/27/2003 12:44:00 AM

Down 42nd Street: Sex, Money, Culture, and Politics at the Crossroads of the World

I'm only 77 pages into it, but so far it's been interesting enough for me to push it on all 4 of you who read ScaryNY. Btw, if you're one of those 4 that come back frequently, let me know. Email is fun.

"In Down 42nd Street, Marc Eliot offers a fascinating and pugnacious history of what may be the most famous street in the United States -- or at least the most famously decadent one."

The Amazon reader reviews point to a number of factual errors, so get your grain of salt. Factual errors or not, you'll grab a few tidbits that you'll want to share with friends.

- posted by matt @ 9/26/2003 10:55:00 PM

Police Investigate Assault As Bias Crime

"A Brooklyn man was arrested early Friday on charges that he used racial slurs and assaulted three Sikh men on Mott Street in lower Manhattan, police said."

More bias.

"William Beanley, 29, who is white, allegedly used the slurs against the men at about 2:30 a.m., police said. He then allegedly punched and bit them, according to Sgt. John Grimpel, a police spokesman."

He bit them? That's so 3rd grade playground.

- posted by matt @ 9/26/2003 10:43:00 PM

Massive brawl frightens shoppers

Man, lots of fights and stuff between students.

"Shortly after dismissal on Friday, Sept. 19, over a hundred students converged at the gas station, where numerous fistfights were taking place. The fighting began near the candy store across the street, but quickly escalated and spread, halting traffic as students scrambled to follow clusters of other youngsters squaring off against one another. Two vehicles parked in McGuire’s Sunoco service station awaiting pick-up by customers were damaged in the fracas—one car that had its windshield smashed when brawling students piled on top of it, and an SUV that suffered numerous dents as the youngsters kicked, punched and wrestled each other against it."

- posted by matt @ 9/26/2003 10:31:00 PM

Skinny Woman Gets Away

Scroll to Brooklyn:

"A super-skinny woman slithered out of her handcuffs and away from a Brooklyn precinct station house last night, cops said."

Not only that, she "shimmied her way past a narrow window grate and into the night."

"Williams was still at large early today." Get it? At "large?" She has "small" wrists. Ha! Oh boy!

Btw, it bothers the hell out of me that the NY Post got rid of the bullets they were using to split the stories up.

- posted by matt @ 9/25/2003 07:02:00 PM

NYPD Officer Marries Oregon Girl He Allegedly Abused

Remember that NYPD cop that got busted with the 17 year old girl? Well...

"A New York City police officer has married the former Oregon high school student he is accused of sexually abusing."

The DA thought this would have little effect on the case, but from my understand of basic legal concepts, wives can't testify against their husbands. How's that for a twist?

- posted by matt @ 9/25/2003 06:57:00 PM

Dan's Papers - Police Blotter

I try to keep ScaryNY New York City centric, and I hate Dan's Paper (I read it once on the train -- worst train ride of my life), but these are pretty funny. Sent in by Chiba at F*ckin' Idiots!. He points to #3 and #6, but I like the last one:

"A woman walking at Flying Point beach last weekend came upon a man in the dunes touching himself."

He almost came upon her.

- posted by matt @ 9/25/2003 04:30:00 PM

Brothers stabbed during attempted robbery on subway

"A man was killed and his brother severely injured early Thursday during an attempted robbery on a subway train in Harlem."

- posted by matt @ 9/25/2003 01:17:00 PM

Subway mom had tot in her tote

"Good Samaritans called 911 yesterday after they spotted a woman passed out on a staircase in a Harlem subway station - and noticed that the large bag next to her was making noises and moving."

A 2-year-old girl was inside. I know a few 2-year-olds and they can all kind of talk. I have this nagging feeling this little girl didn't know better to protest getting zipped up into a bag.

- posted by matt @ 9/25/2003 01:15:00 PM

Pedestrian Killed by Truck Hauling Portable Toilets

"An [sic] man was accidentally crushed to death by a flatbed truck hauling portable toilets to Central Park for the Dave Matthews free concert, just hours before the band took the stage last night."

[via Gothamist]
- posted by matt @ 9/25/2003 08:36:00 AM

Two Students Struck by Car

"Two NYU students were rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village Sunday night after being struck by a car on the perimeter of Washington Square Park."

Quote of the week goes to this witness: "Zach Hollwedel, a Tisch School of the Arts freshman, had just left the freshman talent show when he came across the scene of the accident. 'We kind of walked from one disaster to another,' he said."

- posted by matt @ 9/24/2003 01:08:00 PM

Here, Murder Dials 'R' for Routine

"Murder was on the docket in State Supreme Court in Queens yesterday, lots of it. This meant that one judge in a third-floor courtroom faced a full morning of cases involving truncated lives."

Dan Barry at the NYT spend a day in the courtroom and tells the story of a murder that wouldn't normally make the papers.

- posted by matt @ 9/24/2003 11:30:00 AM

Summer internship allows a satisfying taste of The Big Apple

I don't know why, but I just had a blast reading this. I can picture all the people in her Kansas hometown (all 15 of them) gathering around the counter at their local diner as she tells stories of "overcrowded sidewalks and streets, hobos" and "subway rats." They'd say, "tell us the one about the heaven for thrift shoppers of high-end merchandise, Canal street. Where the streets are paved with Polo shirts and Louis Vuitton bags. Please?"

My favorite line: "Getting to and from work was also an experience. I took Subway 6." I'm going to start referring to trains like that. "Oh, you want to get to South Ferry? Take Subway 1. You? Astoria? That'll be Subway N or Subway W. Subway L is your best bet to get to Union Square, my friend."

- posted by matt @ 9/23/2003 04:56:00 PM

Boy, 14, is Stabbed as Teenagers Clash

"A 14-year-old boy was hospitalized in critical condition late yesterday after he was attacked in Brooklyn during what the police described as a confrontation between two groups of young people."

Ok, the story goes on to say blah blah blah... then ends with, "The police said there was no indication that the assault was motived by bias. The department's hate crimes unit was not called in to investigate."

Lots of talk about bias vs. non-bias crime these days.

- posted by matt @ 9/23/2003 01:53:00 AM

Where Corner Tobacconists Sell From the Sidewalk

"Tobacco corners like this one have sprung up across the city, from the South Bronx to Chelsea. Like the sale of single cigarettes, or loosies, at bodegas and elsewhere, these exchanges have been prompted by a city tax increase in July of last year that brought the price of cigarettes to more than $7 a pack, one of the highest in the world."

People who used to sell pot on the streets now sell Parliments.

- posted by matt @ 9/22/2003 03:49:00 PM

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