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Palm Beach

Look for scary stories from Palm Beach, FL, or my brother's wedding. Whichever provides more fodder.

- posted by matt @ 10/03/2003 01:51:00 AM

You're Free to Go

"A Queens man was recaptured yesterday after he posed as another prisoner and was mistakenly released from Queens Central Booking in Kew Gardens, police said."

This isn't the first time I've heard of something like this happening. A cop brings the wrong inmate into court. Inmate just stands there. Judge releases inmate thinking he's someone else. Inmate smirks and still says nothing. I guess he figured it was worth a shot. If it worked out for him, great. If they sentenced him to death, he can just say, "hey, you have the wrong guy." Who says criminals are stupid?

- posted by matt @ 10/02/2003 04:13:00 PM

Hero hunts down hit-&-run driver

"A courageous ice cream salesman who witnessed a hit-and-run accident outside a Brooklyn high school yesterday chased down the fleeing driver and held him for cops, police said."

Ok, if you read the story, you'll find out that it wasn't one of those ice cream trucks you see on the streets, but I had this image of that annoying song the trucks play being pumped out really fast.

"While the SUV was boxed in, Fish flagged down a Postal Service police officer, who detained the driver until the NYPD arrived."

The Postal Service police officer wrapped him up in stamps, I think.
- posted by matt @ 10/01/2003 11:33:00 AM

Fear of Terrorism

"About a month after 9/11, I decided that, after having lived in New York for 12 years, I wanted to move."

David Bassine tells Gotham Gazette readers why he left New York City. In a word, he's sacred.

- posted by matt @ 9/29/2003 06:24:00 PM

Stabbing Outside High School Cafeteria

"One teenager stabbed another in the back today in a Brooklyn high school, police said."

Jesus, school's back in session I guess.

"The suspect, who fled, has not been identified and officials do not know whether he was a student, said Margie Feinberg, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education."

Sort of begs the question, what the hell was he doing in the cafeteria then?

- posted by matt @ 9/29/2003 06:20:00 PM

Pedestrian Killed as Collision Sends Car Onto Sidewalk

"A wild car accident on the streets of Manhattan kills an innocent person walking down the sidewalk. It happened in an instant -- an out of control car careened into people walking along the sidewalk."

It's terrible, but this reminds me of that stupid joke. You know, "if you don't like my driving, stay off the sidewalk." I never thought that joke was funny.

- posted by matt @ 9/29/2003 06:18:00 PM

A Community in Crosshairs

"When Alexander Aguilar was fatally shot in the chest on Sept. 20 on the corner of 171st Street and 89th Avenue, he became the 25th homicide victim in the tiny 103rd Precinct this year, making it number one on the homicide list among the city's 76 police precincts."

A detailed look who's getting murdered and why in Queens' 103rd precinct. Take a look last week's stats [pdf] from the NYPD's Compstat.

- posted by matt @ 9/28/2003 11:12:00 PM

Possible Bias Crimes Reported in Manhattan, the Bronx

Your daily bias update.

Ever since that incident in Staten Island a few weeks ago, there seems to be a real sensitivity towards "bias attacks."

- posted by matt @ 9/28/2003 11:00:00 PM

Bandits Make More Easy Withdrawals

"The number of robberies at banks in the city is up 148 percent from last year, according to new NYPD statistics."

I generally stay away from bank robbery stuff, but I have noticed a ton of stories about these sorts of things over the last few months. 1 every day or so it seems. Oh, wait, that number's about right:

"As of last Thursday, 328 banks in the five boroughs had been robbed this year, up from 132 in the same period in 2002."

- posted by matt @ 9/28/2003 10:51:00 PM

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