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Gothamist: A Train Robbery Murder

"A man on an A-train in Queens yesterday was shot dead by two assailants, who were then chased by police."

I just got back from stuffing my face for three days, so I'll let Gothamist sum this up for you.

- posted by matt @ 11/29/2003 09:07:00 PM

Mom and daughter burned in turkey fry

"An adventurous holiday meal turned tragic yesterday when a Brooklyn woman and her daughter tried to deep-fry a turkey and were badly burned by splattering oil."

I've been going off about this whole deep-fried turkey thing for the last week or so. Turkeys are to be roasted, not fried. End of story.

- posted by matt @ 11/29/2003 09:05:00 PM

Queens Teen Killed In Accident

"A 16-year-old Rego Park girl walking home from school on Monday was struck and killed by an automobile, police said."

It seems like this sort of thing has been happening a lot of late. I'm going to say it's b/c it gets dark earlier than it does in the summer. No idea if that's the case or not.

- posted by matt @ 11/25/2003 03:55:00 PM

2 Students Stabbed Near Their School

"Two students were stabbed near their Manhattan high school yesterday when a hangout session turned violent."

Who's the square that decided to use the term "hangout session?" Anyway, this happened near Martin Luther King Jr. High School. To call that place a shithole would be an understatement. No joke: the security guards there have security guards.

- posted by matt @ 11/25/2003 03:52:00 PM

Elevator horseplay horror for cousins

"A bout of roughhousing turned deadly for two Bronx cousins when their horseplay in an elevator caused one of them to fall eight stories to his death, police said yesterday."
- posted by matt @ 11/24/2003 03:50:00 PM

A Night of Violence in Four Boroughs Includes 2 Fatal Shootings

"Four people died in a night of rampant violence that included six shootings, 10 stabbings and a bludgeoning spread across four boroughs of the city, the police said yesterday."

Don't you sometimes feel that this kind of stuff happens every night? Maybe not the deaths, but six shootings and 10 stabbings just doesn't sound like much. Man, maybe I need to take a break from doing ScaryNY or something. Talk about desensitization.

- posted by matt @ 11/23/2003 11:53:00 PM

Sanit Truck Fatally Crushes Homeless Man

"A homeless man in Brooklyn, hidden from view as he tried to keep warm under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, was killed early Friday when sanitation workers removing garbage inadvertently scooped him up and crushed him, police said."

- posted by matt @ 11/23/2003 11:47:00 PM

Woman dead on subway tracks

"The mangled body of a woman was found on the tracks of a Chelsea subway station during last night's rush hour, police said."

This happened at the 18th street 1/9 station. I guess they don't know if she fell, jumped or was pushed. FWIW, this is the station I use to get to work every day. The platform isn't abnormally narrow unlike some stations... N/W/R at 59th and Lex comes to mind.

- posted by matt @ 11/23/2003 11:45:00 PM

Boy, 2, Killed by Bus in Williamsburg

"A yellow school bus struck and killed a 2-year-old boy Sunday in Williamsburg, police said."

- posted by matt @ 11/23/2003 11:41:00 PM

A Showdown in Queens, and a Vibrant Teenager Dies

"They met up just past sundown on Friday evening, two groups of teenagers on an avenue of railroad tracks, bus stops and a federal office building just off the busy shopping strip of Jamaica Avenue in South Jamaica, Queens.

"There seemed to be scores of them, maybe 200 in all, half of them dressed in red and black and the other half in red and white, head to toe, according to a street vendor who saw them."

Maybe I've been watching too much crap TV over the last few days, but this reminds me of Michael Jackson's video for "Beat It." I wonder if they tied their hands together before knife fighting.

- posted by matt @ 11/23/2003 11:38:00 PM

'My buddy's in there!'

"A quick-thinking deliveryman and a team of Fire Department scuba divers heroically plucked two men from the Hudson River yesterday after their sport-utility vehicle plunged into the ink-black water."

Well that was nice of them.

'The rescue effort began just seconds after the SUV plowed through two metal fences and pitched into the river in upper Manhattan, as the deliveryman used a long pole to save Wally Dunbar's life."

The Daily News wasn't as specific as they could've been here. Coincidently enough, the deliveryman actually used a wally dunbar to pull the men from the car.

- posted by matt @ 11/23/2003 11:33:00 PM

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