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Man Arrested With Weapons, WTC Material

"Authorities called to the home of a Brooklyn artist injured in a backyard explosion Saturday discovered a cache of weapons and ammunition along with material related to the World Trade Center and other sensitive locations, police said."

OK. But explain this.

"Hackett said he was working with a propane tank and a homemade device designed to shoot confetti out of a pipe when the explosion occurred, Fire Department spokesman Sean Johnson said."

I bet they used finger/air quotes when they called him an "artist."

- posted by matt @ 1/24/2004 05:39:00 PM

NMan Shot To Death in Brooklyn

"A deaf and mute Brooklyn man was fatally shot early Friday while waiting to catch a bus home after basketball practice, police said."

Back in the day, they would've called this guy deaf and dumb. Read the story linked above. It seems too random. Stuff like this (and the reader comment below) make me want to give up ScaryNY and turn to a weblog that features only positive events around the city. You know... good bands playing around the city, a funny story that happened on the train, Law & Order filming in my neighborhood, etc. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

Am I focusing on the negative exclusively? Maybe. Do I feel that karma will bring that around on me? Maybe? Does that freak me out a bit? Yeah. Should I stop ScaryNY? Seriously, that's up to you, the readers. Let me know what you think, bc I could go either way.

- posted by matt @ 1/24/2004 12:20:00 AM

More Questions In Queens Fatal Hit-and-Run Case

" There is a plea out today, from family members of a young mother killed by hit and run drivers. They are calling on the drivers involved to come foreward. The accident happened early Sunday morning in the Corona section of Queens."

Right. So I missed this first time around. A woman was hit by three cars and killed. All three cars took off. There seems to be more to this.

- posted by matt @ 1/24/2004 12:05:00 AM

Paroled Sex Offender Goes On Crime Spree

"A paroled sex offender with a history of violence was charged Thursday in a 10-hour, three-borough rampage that included a slashing murder and a sex attack on a teenage girl."

Why'd this guy do it?

"Shobey 'admitted he had been drinking,' Kelly said. The commissioner declined to detail the statements any further."

Oh, ok. Well, I had a few drinks tonight and I've done nothing of the sort.

- posted by matt @ 1/24/2004 12:02:00 AM

Four New York Teens Nailed In High School Fire, Assaults

"Two high-school students have been arrested for assaulting and menacing their teachers and two others for setting a fire while classes were in session, police said yesterday."

More school stuff. Seems like the NYC schools are the worst place to be these days.

- posted by matt @ 1/23/2004 11:58:00 PM

Final WTC Death Toll Is 2,749

"More than two years after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the city believes it has arrived at a conclusive tally of the people killed in the twin towers that day: 2,749."

Ask yourself. Will you remember this number 5, 10, 15, 20, more years from now? Does the number itself matter? Remember on Sept 11th when you were safe in your living rooms when you hear that they ordered 50,000-plus body bags? I'm not saying that 2,749 is any better. Just remember what you thought when this first happened. It's important to remember.

- posted by matt @ 1/23/2004 11:55:00 PM

Gothamist: NY Crime This Week

"Crime might have gone down in 2003, but this past week has been a doozy..."

Me = lazy.
- posted by matt @ 1/23/2004 02:56:00 PM

Reader Writes

A ScaryNY reader wrote in yesterday to point out an error in one of my link titles (since fixed) and added, "...though I'm not thrilled with your obsession on the scary stuff, what with crime in NYC down and all, but you do a good job of it."

I responded with: "Re: obsession with scary stuff, it's not necessarily an obsession and it's not strictly crime (see latest on the poor woman who was electrocuted while walking her dogs). The original thesis for ScaryNY was that New Yorkers, in general, were over their fear of terrorism and have restored their fear in other scary stuff... getting mugged, hit by a bus, etc. It's a little sick sometimes, yeah, but at the same time I find myself appreciating the people in our city and the hardships they face."

To which he replied: "Fair enough, but I think you somehow need to make that more apparent and at the same time spin your love for it a bit more clearly. Just a thought."

Equally fair enough. I'll tell you, fine ScaryNY readers (all three of you),... it's something that I've been struggling with. For a while. I hate local TV news in general b/c of the whole "if it bleeds, it leads" philosophy. The last thing I want to do is push that thinking online. That's not what I'm trying to do.

New York is a wonderful city, but like any other large metropolitan area, bad things happen to mostly good people. A lot of bad things happened before September 11th and I'm trying to show that bad things continue to happen. I was fed up with reading stories about terror alerts and whatnot and how New Yorkers were afraid of the next terrorist attack. Especially reading this stuff in out-of-town papers. Then after a while, I started seeing more and more quotes from people in our city saying stuff along the lines of, "Hey, what are you gonna do? If it happens, it happens. I'm not going to duct tape my windows or nothing." Hence, ScaryNY was born.

One thing I've been making an effort of, and will continue to try to do more, is leave people's names off this weblog. I don't like the idea of people Googling themselves and coming across a post that isn't exactly flattering. Either because they were the victim or something or other of because they were on the wrong end of the law.

- posted by matt @ 1/21/2004 02:52:00 PM

Savage Subway Attack

"Reynaldo Hidalgo cannot understand why a stranger attacked his grandson on a packed No. 7 train Monday, taunting the 18-year-old before biting the teen's left cheek and upper chest."

Yeah, I can see how you wouldn't be able to understand that.

"More difficult to understand, Hidalgo said yesterday, is why no one on the train, including several MTA employees, stepped in to stop the 5 p.m. attack."

Oh, I see what you are getting at. Ok. Remember my post about Kitty Genovese? Seems like it can happen again, eh?

- posted by matt @ 1/21/2004 11:40:00 AM

Subway shootout

"An illegal Mexican immigrant wrestled a gun away from a pair of bandits on a Manhattan subway, triggering a wild shootout early yesterday that left one thug dead, police sources said."

Found at Amy's Robot Link Factory. Add a link today!

- posted by matt @ 1/20/2004 11:52:00 PM

Shocking flaw by Con Ed

"Four blocks from where a woman was shocked to death by a charged Con Ed grate cover, pedestrians were forced yesterday to sidestep a frayed electrical cable running across a sidewalk.

"And despite calls from residents, police, the Fire Department and the Daily News, Con Ed did not send anyone to the scene for 11 hours. When workers finally showed up, they simply determined that the cable was not a hazard and approved the makeshift covering firefighters had laid over it."

You've seen it on ConEd trucks before. "We're on it" with a picture of a worker fixing something. What a load of shit! That's easily the worst company slogan I've ever heard. One, it has a sarcastic tone to it... almost like... "Hey, I'm workin' here." Two, it implies that there's something broken, which in this case, there was and it resulted in a death. Don't get me started on ConEd. It bothers me that I can easily decided which cable company I want to use, but with electric and gas... forget about it.

- posted by matt @ 1/19/2004 12:32:00 PM

Subway Shooting

"A man was in critical condition after he was shot twice in the head Monday on a subway train in Manhattan, police said."

4 am. Happened at the 8th street station. Two guys were arrested at Union Square. Pretty efficient.

- posted by matt @ 1/19/2004 09:05:00 AM

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