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OT: ScaryNY 2.0

I've decided to make the switch from Blogger to Movable Type. Blogger is fun and all, but the lack of a real RSS feed (I know, I know... there's now an Atom feed), comments, permalinks that actually sorta work and a few other things started to get on my nerves. I'll eventually set up a redirect or something here, and I plan to do a lot of design/functionality tweaks over the next few weeks, but check out ScaryNY 2.0.

I'll probably be posting in both places for the next week or so, but will eventually abandon this little corner of the Web.

Thanks for reading and hopefully thanks for moving over to the new URL with me.

- posted by matt @ 2/09/2004 08:01:00 PM

Kitty, 40 Years Later

"Forty years ago, on March 13, 1964, the picturesque tranquillity of Kew Gardens was shattered by the murder of 28-year-old Catherine Genovese, known as Kitty. The murder was grisly, but it wasn't the particulars of the killing that became the focus of the case. It was the response of her neighbors. As Ms. Genovese screamed - 'Please help me! Please help me!' - 38 witnesses did nothing to intervene, according to reports; nobody even bothered to call the police. One witness later explained himself with a phrase that has passed into infamy: 'I didn't want to get involved.'"

A Kew Gardens residents stand up for his community. Joseph De May Jr. says, "...this wasn't 38 people watching a woman be slaughtered for 35 minutes and saying, 'Oh, I don't want to be involved.'" Read his take at A Picture History of Kew Gardens, NY. Also...

Harold Takooshian, Professor of urban psychology at Fordham University (my alma mater) will be holding a symposium on March 9th "to revisit many of the conundrums posed by that night 40 years ago." I'll be there... no doubt. I can't find details now (Fordham's Web site has always sucked), but if I hear anything, I'll share.

- posted by matt @ 2/08/2004 11:25:00 PM

2 men fight, fall 3 floors but still live

"A slugfest between two men over bootleg music CDs ended when both crashed through closed elevator doors yesterday and plunged three stories onto the elevator car in a Manhattan building, police said."

This isn't the first time two this sort of thing has happened. Elevator doors look strong, but I guess they're not.

"'When you get them behind an elevator like that they are usually dead,' said Moran, a 23-year veteran. 'He's lucky to be alive. He is probably going to lose his leg above the ankle. That was nasty.'"

What exactly does "lose his leg above the ankle" mean? Are they going to attach his foot to his pelvis? Doesn't it just mean he's going to lose his entire leg?

- posted by matt @ 2/08/2004 11:05:00 PM

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